Making It Legal

We spend a lot of time during our time together getting the ceremony perfect, but there’s another important part of my job as your marriage celebrant – and that’s making sure it’s legal.

I've put together the list of documents we sign together, what they mean, what you need to do and then how they all go together to make it official!

 Legal Document

 Timing of doc

 Celebrant responsibilities

 Couples responsibilities

 Notice of Intended   Marriage (NOIM)

 At least one month   before Ceremony   Date

 Check and witness upon completion

 Send to BDM after ceremony completed

 Complete and lodge (with correct documents – see   below) to Celebrant at least one month before Ceremony   Date 


 Happily Ever Before   and After

 At lodgement of   NOIM

 Provide to Couple at lodgement of NOIM

 Couple to review brochure outlining the obligation and   consequences of marriage

 Declaration of No   Legal Impediment to   Marriage

 Pre Ceremony

 Provide to Couple at Rehearsal (or close to   Ceremony Date)

 Send to BDM after ceremony completed

 Both Parties to complete prior to Ceremony commencing   to declare they can marry

 Marriage Certificate

 Week of Ceremony   Provide to Couple at Rehearsal (or close to   Ceremony Date) to confirm correct details 

 Check and confirm details before Ceremony Date

 Marriage Certificate

 Day of Ceremony

 Signed after the marriage ceremony and   forwarded to Births, Deaths & Marriages   within 2 weeks of ceremony for official   registration of your marriage

 Presentation Certificate of Marriage provided to couple   on the day of their marriage

Documents required when lodging your NOIM:
• Australian Citizen's - Original Birth Certificate and/or Australian Passport + photo identification
• Non-Australian Citizen's - Overseas Passport (if you're a citizen of a country other than Australia)

Also needed if the following applies:
• A Divorce Certificate or a Decree Absolute if you've been previously married
• Death Certificate (if you are widowed)
• All documents in a foreign language must be translated into English by an approved translator, with a statutory declaration from the translator. You can find a translator here;

But never fear – my ongoing training makes sure I’m up with all the requirements – and attention to detail will make sure it all gets done correctly and on time.

Any questions?  Drop me a line and we can talk.

Kelly Rossi - Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

Making It Legal

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