To rehearse or not to rehearse - that is the Q

Most people ask me if they need a rehearsal. Truthfully, I think No. I think its great to see a ceremony unfold organically with the emotion and personality of each member of the ceremony on display.

I’m not anti-rehearsal. It’s definitely great if you have a lot of choreography or rituals going on, and practice helps people involved in your ceremony to relax. So I’ve got a few wedding tips on what to expect for a rehearsal and how to chillax all those with a special part to play in your big day.

Who to Bring?
You guys! Bridal parties, the person giving you away (if applicable), music person, people involved in rituals or readings.
How long can we expect a rehearsal to take?
Up to one hour, depending on details.
When do we have the rehearsal?
The weekend before or early in the week of, your big day. That way all the tough stuff is over and you get to focus on all the other fun (read: stressful!) events of your wedding week (for tips on what to do the week of the wedding see my post here)
What else happens?
We go through any last minute legal and logistic details, but I send you an outline of the rundown and what is required (it’s hard to think 2 weeks out I know, so leave the deets to me!)

If no rehearsal, then what?

Waiting party  – I usually line you up and make you pretty, so that’s a no brainer
Arriving party  – I’ve already heard your entrance song, and know how many in the party, so as long as you don’t run or dawdle and try to smile, you will all make it down the aisle
Giving away person – their job is to keep the bride/groom standing until they get to me, hand em over and sit down. Not too tough
Mums and Dads – I help seat them before the big arrival. It’s “tradition” to put the parents opposite their child, but I like to put the families on the same side as the bride or groom. That way, they can see their little person’s face as they say their’s a Kodak moment!
All the other ceremony logistics we go through in finite detail, and that’s what you’re paying me the big bucks for, to make sure all these details are executed to perfection!

Any questions about the rehearsal or your big day, give me a buzz.....

Kelly Rossi - Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

To rehearse or not to rehearse - that is the Q

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