What's in the bag?

Here's what to REALLY pack in the wedding day handbag 

On my wedding day, I carried a retro maroon glo-mesh bag of my grandma’s (my something old, if I cared for those traditions, which I don’t, but that’s for another blog!), to remind me of her and keep all my “essential” items together....here’s my wedding tips of what I packed in there, and why I think I needed them.

By the way, I don’t even know where that bag ended up on my wedding night...needless to say it wasn’t useful! But you just never know...

The handbag list

Tissues/hanky - for those of you who think you might be likely to cry (and even those who aren’t because love and wedding days make people do crazy things!)....for something special order your other half a personalised hanky to share those tears on
“Mrs Rossi” necklace – this was the ONE item I used in my list, I used it as reception jewellery and a nice surprise for my new hubby
Phone – for pre ceremony logistics...after the wedding, leave it alone!
Hair pins/ponytail holder/comb – if that awesome do gets out of place, mine did, but you know what – who cares!!
Lipstick/blotter/highlighter – all the tipsters say grab your fave lipstick for touch ups for those late night pics, which is a great idea, but again, once you’re deliriously happy at being newly hitched and hanging with all your favourite people, you’re really not going to care if the lips are in super shape or not
Mascara – if your make up artist is worth their salt, they’ll recommend you a smudge proof version for those just in case you cry moments
Speech – definitely worthwhile if you want to think about what you want to say....
Aspirin - in case you have one too many champagnes early on, and need to keep partying
Bandaids – for those dancing feet, and new shoes if you haven’t broken ‘em in (which you really should)

Any items on this list you’d recommend for your big day kit??

Kelly Rossi - Melbourne Celebrant

What's in the bag?

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