Who The Hell Is Kelly?

I'm going to ask you all kinds of questions on our journey together, so it's only fair you get to know a little bit more about me, Kelly Rossi (aka Kelly the Cele) your Marriage Celebrant.

Love ruined me from a very young age…I watched Pretty Woman as a girl (like 200 times, I know it pretty much word for word) and I knew from that moment on

“I want the fairytale”

So choosing to become a marriage celebrant was easy.  I’m a believer like the Beatles that “All You Need Is Love”, it truly does make the world go round.  So how can you have a bad day when you’re bringing together two people who know they’ve met the one person they want to travel the earth with?  The clincher for me was in planning our wedding I really struggled to;

  1. Find a marriage celebrant who we connected with as a couple, someone I could trust to celebrate our wedding, our way
  2. Find a St Kilda Celebrant, or at least one that was willing to meet us in a more central location than Lilydale, Eltham or Pakenham (I mean do people live there or go for mini-breaks??)

So I had my lightbulb moment and I knew this was what I was meant to do.  I became a celebrant to bring you my passion and give couples the chance to find a Marriage Celebrant who was easy to access and has the fun and charms to bring a ceremony that you and your guests will love and make your wedding day your BEST DAY EVER!


I drive my husband insane with my (in)ability to sing!  But I love it even more when he randomly sings my songs after hearing them all day.

I have a ridiculous recall of TV ads from the 80’s and onwards (ask me to sing you the Chicken Chickadees song next time we meet – they’re real good fun from your neck to your knees, lol).

I forget words, and sometimes mid-sentence and that’s because I have a million ideas running through my head at the same time…but if I have them written down it’s a piece of cake!  Trust me.

I also drive my husband mad (there is a theme here, lucky he’s already married me hey) recycling glass jars – they are so useful in a million different ways, and I think we need to use less stuff and help our planet….and ask me about the glass jar collection we had for our wedding (and for other DIY ideas just ask)!!

I love St Kilda…and I know we don’t want to live anywhere else.  And there are so many places in St Kilda to get married that I can’t wait for you to fall in love with StK too.

I miss my grandma.  All the time.  She passed away 6 weeks before we were married.  You can read about the ways we incorporated her presence into our wedding here.

I am SOOO much funnier than my husband…even though he makes me laugh and laugh, and can do so doing the most inane things, I mean who can nearly wee their pants making the bed yeah??

I love playing UNO – and Winning.

I could go on, but I’ll save myself (and you) for now.  I hope that gave you a little taste of what it’s like to be me.  Just know that I am here to help YOU, whatever you need and can’t wait to create a ceremony to reflect you and your love.

So let’s get chatting and start creating your fairytale, with a very happily ever after….

Who The Hell Is Kelly?

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